I started knitting in fall of 2005, and was astounded at how many varieties of yarn there are. The colors, the textures... but apparently not enough colors for me, because I started dyeing my own in June of 2006. Friends loved my yarn and encouraged me to open an Etsy shop, and Istarted making the first fumbling efforts toward what has become my career. I started spinning my own yarn in December 2010, and that further influenced my creativity and expanded the ways I was able to express it. For years, I only dyed in short bursts because I was trying to work a full-time job and dye on the side (that really doesn't work for me), but my husband encouraged me to really try to make my business asuccess. In summer of 2011, I quit trying to work another job and focused on Unwind, and it was the best decision I ever made! I get to spend my days playing with colors and textures, and bring a little beauty (and a little of myself!) into the home of all of my customers. I dye and run my business out of two rooms of my home; one I have converted into a dye studio, and the other is my (usually very messy) office. Every colorway I create has a story, even if it's just "I was dumping dyes in the pot and THIS came out!!". Most, however, are based off of songs that move me, photos I (or friends) have taken, movies that have stuck with me, or mental images I have taken away from my favorite books. I love being able to look at a colorway I have dyed and tell a customer exactly what inspired it, and see where that inspiration takes them! I try to introduce new colorways to the shop on a regular basis, and welcome custom orders from my customers at several points during the year. This shop is more than just a livelihood to me... it is my opportunity to share a piece of myself with my customers, and I enjoy watching my products come to life in others' hands!